Puffin the Architect

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Puffin is an architect who always exceeds her clients' expectations, that is, until she takes on the toughest clients ever—her own pufflings. Puffin takes her tricky new clients on an inspirational tour of her builds. Together, they visit all kinds of cleverly designed spaces—Otters floating home, Pig's tool shed on wheels, Painter Goose's light-filled studio, and Platypus's cozy underground bake house. The pufllings are unimpressed. Her clients are a challenge! Will Puffin come up with a puffling-perfect home design? This gorgeous story, with endearing characters, intriguing house designs, ingenious mechanisms, and storage solutions to pore over on every page, will spark a brand new generation of architects, engineers, and designers.


Hardcover. 10.24 x 0.39 x 12.17 inches