Al Andalus Adventure

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It's 711 CE, 92 years after the Hijrah of the Prophet Muhammad (pbuh). Responding to a plea from Count Julian, governor of Ceuta, Umayyad General Tariq ibn Ziyad, under order of Caliph Al-Walid in Damascus,enters the turbulent Visigoth Kingdom of Iberia.

Leaving his sleepy village of Tlemcen, a young Berber, Qasim, joins Tariq's men, and is swept away on an amazing quest. Jacob, captured in Julian's raid on Iberia, is tied up and thrust upon a galley boat bound for North Africa. Siblings Ben and Bella live under constant Visigoth scrutiny, forced to live a double life of secrets and deception.

Lives will converge on both sides as a wind of change blows hard across Iberia. The course of history is about to change...



300 pages.