Sadiq and the Pet Problem

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Meet Sadiq. A fun-loving third grader and friend to all!


  • Main character is a Somali American boy
  • Language, illustrations and content reflects Somali American culture
  • Relatable storylines focused on friendship and teamwork
  • This book is part of series of chapter books aimed at early elementary readers


Sadiq's third grade class has no classroom pet! Not only that, but Sadiq has never had a pet of his own. So Sadiq gathers some classmates to help him solve this problem. What kind of pet would be perfect for their class? A lizard? A bunny? A parakeet? Soon it's up to Sadiq and friends to convince their teacher and classmates that they have found the perfect pet match.


AUTHOR: Simun Nuurali

FORMAT: Softcover



SIZE: ‎ 5 x 0.3 x 7.4 inches