Jannah Journal (for Muslim kids) – “In Jannah, I want…”

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#JannahJournal is an ultimate collection of Jannah ahadith and verses to help kids think beyond their imagination by engaging all of their senses one by one with intro to gates of Jannah and different paths that lead to them. .
It's a five week journal to introduce senses of the body one by one. Each section starts with an introduction to the sense of your body and discussing its use in the world – once you fully understand how your senses work right now, you will be able to imagine even better how your senses may work in Jannah in shaa Allah.


This interactive book is divided into 5 sections (human senses):

1) SIGHT (exploring visual pleasures of Jannah)

2) SOUND (exploring beautiful sounds of Jannah) 

3) SMELL (exploring scents of Jannah)

4) TASTE (exploring foods and drinks of Jannah)

5) TOUCH (exploring physical feelings and emotional pleasures of Jannah)

Each section ends with a journaling section along with a Jannah dua to memorize so kids can tell you all the things they’ll want to see, hear, smell, taste and feel in Jannah! And then ask Allah for residence in this beautiful place too. .
It is a spiral bound lift-a-flap book with fold-away 3D pop-up cardboard masjid, colours-and-shapes sticker sheet, 6 stencil sheets and 60+ art activities to try on the #recycled brown kraft paper. .
Kids will also get to learn colours, art mediums and shapes through it as well – from something as simple as a circle to something as complicated as a 10-fold rosette (a shape famously used in Islamic geometry).
Although the journal is geared towards 6+ aged kids, but author has personally used the journal with her 4 year old daughter (started when she was 3.5) to create positive association with Allah and Islam. 


The books also come with an "Imagine Jannah" episodic art series for Muslim kids that teaches different art techniques to kids while weaving Jannah dreams with them 💞 watch Season one for free on @muslimkids.tv - after your free trial, you can use the code AYEINA for 20% discount!

You can see snippets of Season 1 episodes in the guides section: https://www.instagram.com/ayeina_official/guide/imagine-jannah-art-series/17897940004706783/?igshid=1ivssbxd47nc8.


What would YOU like in Jannah? 🌸